Strategic Advisers was founded in September 2009 by Patrick Crowley, a career journalist, and Jay Fossett, a lawyer, former reporter, and former city manager of the City of Covington, Ky. Our agency brings vast experience to the area of media relations and we have a great understanding of journalism, newsrooms, and how stories are distributed through today’s news-media and social-media outlets.

Our team of in-house strategists provides powerful communication services in the areas of public relations, government relations, website development, video production, animation, graphic design, social media, advertising, and other marketing communication services. We craft robust communication strategies and couple them with media strategies and government-relations support — if needed — to ensure our clients are using every tool in the toolbox to accomplish their goals.


We are proud that a mural painted by FAILE — the world-renown, Brooklyn-based artistic collaborative — adorns the back of our building in Covington, Ky. See the full mural here.

Since our firm’s founding, we have crafted numerous communication strategies for clients in a number of industries, including finance, banking, mining, manufacturing, real-estate development, education, transportation, healthcare, retail, energy, tourism, and entertainment, to name a few. We’re experienced in working with public- and private-sector clients as well as nonprofit organizations. We also have created and implemented successful communication strategies for a number of public-education and issue-advocacy campaigns.

We constantly evaluate new communication channels and use these evolving technologies to create unique ways to tell our clients’ stories. While excellent writing is one of our core competencies, our use of creative communication techniques and technologies — like mobile apps, online advertising, infographics, animation, virtual reality, and videos — pave new roads for interaction with consumers, stakeholders, and the general public. We stay ahead of the curve to provide our clients with the best possible tools to tell their stories.

Our creative department is always looking for new challenges and innovative ways to present your story for maximum exposure. While information can be communicated in hundreds of ways, only a few of these ways really work effectively. All of our websites are created from scratch, taking into account the most recent trends and technology available to deliver a uniquely current, effective, and useful product for our clients and their customers or stakeholders.

If you’re not utilizing all the options and technology available to you, then you’re not getting the most out of your public-relations firm. Utilize our experience, expertise, and cutting-edge strategies to better tell your story to the people who matter most.

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