Emergency medicine professionals have a couple of sayings that apply equally to crisis management: first, do no harm, and second, check your own pulse. Crises can be frightening, creating a volatile cocktail of public action and reaction. In this often confusing environment of destabilized information, it is extremely important to carefully consider what you will say to the news media, the public, and your stakeholders. With our team on your side, you can breathe easier. Founded by two former journalists with decades of experience, including one who is a lawyer and former public official, we understand media relations better than almost any other PR agency. Crisis situations can be a brawl; lucky for you, we’re great in a knife fight.

  • Crisis Prevention
  • Crisis Management Response
  • Crisis Scenario¬†and Communication Planning
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Spokesperson Services
  • Crisis Litigation Consulting
  • Media Training
  • Strategic Reputation Management
  • Online Crisis and Issues Management


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